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Bloating or eating? Kebene... and enjoy the dining!

Double effect

  • Antibloating
  • Antiflatulence

Quick effect in just

The first combination launched in Romania with double anti-bloating and anti-flatulence effect. 

Quick effect in just 15 minutes.

blue texture
Your baby's peace is also your peace!

The only* treatment in Romania

with double action for the improvement of baby colic.


Bloating (meteorism) is the accumulation of gas in the stomach and / or intestine.

When intestinal gas is not eliminated by eructation or flatulence, it can accumulate in the stomach or intestine, resulting in increased abdominal volume.

Bloating can be accompanied by abdominal pain of low or severe intensity. Eliminating gas can lead to pain disappearance.

The main sources of intestinal gas formation are:

  • The normal action of bacteria on non-digested foods in the colon;
  • Changes in intestinal bacterial flora caused by the administration of antibiotics or other drug treatments;
  • Malabsorption of carbohydrates, which leads to disturbing the balance of normal intestinal flora;
  • Aerophagia;
  • Constipation.

The only complete range with anti-bloating and anti-flatulence effect, regardless the cause!*


* According to Cegedim data

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