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It relieves the symptoms of bloating and feeling full


Kebene forte

Kebene forte

Optimal concentration,
strong effect

Usage recommendations:

  • Improvement of symptoms of excess gas accumulated in the stomach and intestines as a result of intestinal fermentation during digestion processes. Symptoms include: feeling full, flatulence, eructation.
  • kebene forte can be used before imaging of the abdominal cavity, such as X-rays, ultrasound and endoscopic examination, in order to increase the visibility of internal organs.
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How does it work?

  • Simeticone modifies the tension in the gas bubbles accumulated as foam, resulting in their disintegration. The gases released from this process can then be absorbed by the intestinal wall and eliminated by peristalsis (the natural movement of the intestines).

This is a medical device. Read the prospectus carefully.

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Kebene Forte Prospectus